What to do When you Meet an Emergency Plumbing Problem

Have you ever experienced a plumbing problem? Sewage and plumbing maintenance can be a thorn in anyone’s side, especially for those who live in older, more tenured houses. Plumbing problems usually arise when main pipes get clogged up with debris and waste materials, which cause the pipe to overload and instead of exiting, the waste gets backed up and deposits from where it entered. Bad or faulty plumbing can cause a lot of sticky situations – literally and figuratively. The hassle involved with cleaning and/or having the blocked pipe cleared out is more than most people can bear. It may also involve heavy costs to hire a maintenance man, plumber, or local utilities expert to fix the problem. What are you going to do if ever you have an emergency plumbing problem? Read on to find out!

Perform Immediate Surgery

No, we don’t mean literal surgery. We mean that before the body heals, you need to patch it up – stop the bleeding, sew up the wounds, let the organs stabilize, etc. In the same sense, before you immediately try to figure out the root cause of the problem, try to fix any imminent issues which are occurring. If a pipe or drain is leaking, turn off the main water system so the flow stops – this will save you money, time, and effort. It also prevents you from getting all wet and things getting messy when doing testing. Once the bleeding has stopped, you are ready to begin surgery.

Do Root Cause Analysis

Find out the reasons why and how the plumbing problem started in the first place. If you need to inspect certain areas of the house or piping system, do it as soon as possible. Any delay will only make the problem worse. Monitor water pressure and check for any additional leaks by letting the water flow and checking if any additional droplets or condensation is forming in any obvious areas.

Preventive Maintenance

Attempt to fix the immediate issue by stopping the leak or removing any waste which is blocking drainage. Use duct tape or any temporary measures. If an issue is too severe to be fixed on your own, consider contacting a professional plumber or utilizing plumbing/disposal systems. There are many companies which can you set you up with an appointment for a maintenance check and/or repair on your piping.